Thursday, February 24, 2011

Being a Forum Nokia Champion again until 2012! :-)

I got a really pleasant news from Forum Nokia tonight:

We are pleased to announce that due to your active participation in the field of mobile development and service to the Forum Nokia community in the past year, you have been re-selected to the Forum Nokia Champion program. Congratulations!

I'm currently the only Forum Nokia Champion from Indonesia, which is both sad (where's everybody?) and great (I'm special :-)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SMS Message Alert Tone not playing on Nokia E5

I got the same problem again: SMS message alert tone is not playing on my Nokia E5. No sound at all, just the blinking light.

My previous suggestion, changing the home screen to another and then back, is not foolproof.

So I tried deleting messages fromSMS inbox and now it's working again. Right now I have 1825 messages and SMS alert notification sound is working. It seems the threshold is about 2000 messages and it starts to "silence" itself.

After deleting messages to about 1800 or under, if you still can't get SMS alert tone playing, restart the phone and then switch the home screen theme. It should work.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Qt Developer Workshop by Nokia - Bandung, Indonesia

Forum Nokia invites mobile developers all around Bandung, Indonesia to attend Nokia-sponsored Qt Developer Workshop, held in Aston Primera Hotel, Pasteur, Bandung, Indonesia.

This session is presented by Eileen Khoo, Snr. Technology Expert at Nokia.

I met a few familiar faces, particularly smart people from ITB and iComm Bandung. Of course, ALL faces are familiar in some way in any developer event. ;-) (hint: it's not a Salsa dance course!)