Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rich J2ME Mobile Applications using LWUIT for Nokia Symbian S40

LWUIT is a Java UI framework for mobile devices aka Java ME.

While most mobile developers nowadays will think of smartphones, the lower end market is actually very huge. In fact Nokia has sold 1.5 billion Symbian S40 phones.
J2ME applications not only run in Nokia Symbian phones but also BlackBerry OS phones, low-end Chinese phones, entry level Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones, etc.

Developing with plain J2ME is painful. However LWUIT is a UI framework to the rescue.

With LWUIT you can develop beautiful visual user interfaces that support touch and modern controls. Of course within the limits of the devices, but it's much easier than coding plain MIDlets. it's also portable, you can develop from single source for Symbian S40 phones and BlackBerry phones.

Here is sample screenshots from a sample J2ME LWUIT app I made for DietYuk, an Indonesian healthy living site.