Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Compiling Qt Symbian S60 applications on Ubuntu/Linux !

I've just found a (very) hidden gem in Nokia Qt SDK : ability to compile/build Qt Symbian S60 applications on Ubuntu/Linux !

It uses a feature called Nokia Qt SDK Remote Qt Compiler.

Nokia Qt SDK has made it possible to simulate/run Symbian applications in a simulator (not emulator!) environment in Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.

However, by using Nokia Qt Remote Qt Compiler, it's possible (and practical) to build Symbian/S60 applications on Linux/Ubuntu as well.
(Note that you still need to run the generated SIS files on a device, because Symbian/S60 emulator is not available for Linux, at least not with straightforward installation.)

I'm still on my way to installing the required stuff, but the steps are outlined here :


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  2. On Qt SDK 1.1 I found emulator in custom install. But how to use it. Any idea ?

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