Monday, March 15, 2010

Exporting Nokia E71 (Symbian S60) GPS Landmarks to Google Maps

I've been migrating my data from my two-year-old Nokia E71 to the new Nokia N900. One of the data is GPS Landmarks aka POI (Points of Interest) aka Map Places.

Though I haven't yet found a way to import the landmarks to Nokia N900 (I'm not even sure if I can add a new Place in Ovi Maps!), but you can export Nokia/Symbian S60 landmarks to Google Maps. Which is good enough in the mean time since Nokia N900 runs Google Maps + Latitude beautifully (with some patience).

My steps to export Nokia E71 landmarks to Google Maps were:
  1. In Nokia E71, go to GPS -> Landmarks.
  2. Select all the landmarks (mark all) and Options -> Send. Send via Bluetooth or email so you can save the resulting file (Landmarks.lmx) on your computer.
  3. Download the excellent free GPS tool RouteConverter here.
  4. Run RouteConverter, open the Landmarks.lmx file and save it as Google Earth 5 Compressed (.kmz) file.
  5. Go to Google Maps. Click My Maps -> (your map) -> Edit -> Import. Then upload your Landmarks.kmz file and all landmarks are imported beautifully! :-)
As a programmer it should be doable to develop a tool which reads a LMX or KMZ/KML file and import the GPS Locations to the Nokia N900 Ovi Maps Places database. You up for a challenge? ;-)

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  1. Thank you for your posting, i just download RouteConverter and its help me for validating my data.


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