Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Nokia N900 Safety Guide

Since receiving my N900 Maemo-based device from Nokia (thanks Nokia!) yesterday (March 13, 2010) I haven't yet written anything about it. Which is probably unfair.

So... in general I'm very excited about this device. It's very new to me. I've used several different mobile phones (both Nokia and not) and my last mobile phone is a Nokia E71.

However, Maemo 5 in N900 is a really different gem than Symbian S60. It's as wonderful as it's different.

My first tip is: Update your N900 firmware immediately!

Updating N900 firmware/software is very easy. Connect to a Wifi network and it will search for updates, and can apply updates OTA (Over-The-Air). You don't need Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Software Updater to do this (under normal conditions).

Stock Nokia N900 firmware had a nasty bug that bricks your N900 after 17 times of crash-reboots. The workaround is simple: on next successfully boot, shutdown N900 using the power button and turn it back on again. The latest firmware solved this problem. (I'm now on firmware 3.2010.02-8)

I mentioned crashes, and yes my N900 crashed a lot. During my almost two days of use, the boot counter is 44 which means it has crash-rebooted about 14 times! Some people also experience N900 crashing but some say that their N900 is just fine. I hope the N900 team will continue improving the firmware so that there will be very minimal crashes.


  1. hey my N900 software crashed recently. I was downloading application via wifi network and side by side i was replying to the message, suddenly the lights went of and the phone hung up. I removed the battery and put it back and restarted it , its showing nokia screen with logo and its written Software Updating...Do not Interupt on the left hand bottom corner....It doesnot go beyond this written stuff.....wat should i do....


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