Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maemo 6 / MeeGo / Dui UI on N900

I'm very impressed with Zchydem's article on Nokia N900 and the new Maemo 6 (MeeGo) UI frameworks on top of Qt. They're called Direct UI and Orbit or what we're seeing now: Uiemo. (there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding what these mean, so do I) ;-)

Pretty cool stuff...!

UI Extensions for Mobile (Orbit) vs. Maemo 6 UI Framework - Zchydem's Blog

Now many of you readers will think that “Oh no… Now this guys is doing another Peek to XXX series of Uiemo”:) Don’t worry I won’t do that. I just don’t have time for doing such a large review at the moment. Instead I want to go through couple of things related on Uiemo. One interesting detail is that the following diagram from my previous post was not so far from the truth.

DirectUI vs. DirectUI

The only difference is that the underlying platform can be Symbian, Windows or Linux/Maemo. Yes, there is a support for Maemo also. Check Kypeli’s post from his blog where he built Uiemo for Maemo 5. Current version of Uiemo is not a cross platform though. It doesn’t support Mac (OS X) at the moment  which would be nice to have at some point.

So Nokia has released two different Qt based UI frameworks and they both run on Maemo also. I could say that this brings interesting thoughts into my mind. I also found couple of videos from youtube where Uiemo application is already running on N900.

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