Sunday, March 14, 2010

Running FreeMind Swing/Java app under Nokia N900/Maemo

I really am curious how good N900 really is at running Java applications. By this I mean Java SE not J2ME (Mobile).

So I installed Sun Embedded Java 6 JVM for ARMv6. I'll detail the steps in a later post because currently I'm using N900 to compose this blog post, and I'm not used (yet) to writing complex articles using it.

I'm hoping I could run Eclipse IDE or NetBeans or GlassFish on N900/Maemo/MeeGo ;-) but I'll try a moderately complex app first: FreeMind mind map editor.

And here it is!

It works PERFECTLY! Save for the tiny buttons & UI (Thank God Nokia provided a stylus!)
BTW N900 has a builtin screenshot tool, just press Ctrl+Shift+P.

I admit this post isn't very Qt-ish.. But Qt and N900 should be close friends anyway. As for Java, I guess it doesn't hurt to demonstrate Maemo/N900's versatility. ;-)

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  1. That's great news. Thanks for sharing!


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