Monday, March 29, 2010

Installing Qt 4.6.2 SDK on Maemo 5 and N900

Qt 4.6.2 has been released for Maemo 5 (Freemantle) and Nokia N900 device as part of PR 1.2 firmware update.

Installing Qt SDK on Maemo 5 SDK / Scratchbox

For developers, Qt 4.6.2 runtime can already be installed simply by upgrading the Scratchbox environment. Run the following commands in a Scratchbox terminal:
fakeroot apt-get update
fakeroot apt-get dist-upgrade
After installing Qt 4.6.2, you can install Qt 4.6.2 SDK by running:
fakeroot apt-get install libqt4-dev

Installing Qt 4.6.2 on Nokia N900

To install Qt 4.6.2 on the device itself, you have two options at the time of this writing. Either:
  • Wait for the official PR 1.2 firmware update (which contains Qt 4.6.2 built-in). Should be any day now.
  • Install Qt 4.6.2 from extras-devel repository
Warning: Please understand the risks associated with installing software from extras-devel repository to your Nokia N900.

Click here for Instructions for installing Qt (and Qt SDK) from extras-devel. These instructions should work for future versions of Qt as well. So you don't have to wait for Nokia to officially release a Qt / Qt SDK version for Maemo SDK or Nokia N900. The downside is there is a risk of problems.

For detailed resource on Qt, I recommend C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 (2nd Edition).

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