Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jetty Java servlet container on Nokia N900

The powerhouse Nokia N900 plus Eclipse Jetty 7.0 Java EE server means... Another fun experiment!

Default Jetty configuration will run out of space due to usage of tiny /tmp folder. So I start Jetty with:
~/jetty-distribution-7.0.1.v20091125 $ java -jar start.jar

And it runs! Very admirably!

A pretty advanced Comet demo runs very well, and demonstrates the N900's web browser support for Comet AJAX push!

I can also access the N900 Jetty web server from my laptop using Wifi and join the Comet Chat.

I can't use WebSocket chat since the N900 browser hasn't supported it yet, neither is Firefox for Maemo 1.0.

Jetty and the Sun Embedded Java SEJVM uses about 22 MB of memory, which is quite admirable. Equal to 9% of N900's total memory of 1 GB (256 MB RAM + 768 MB swap).

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